Professional Presence: The X-Factor in Your Career

You know it when you see it – the new colleague or boss who shines a little brighter, carries themselves with more poise, or engages you with more attention than you have recently experienced. This apparent confidence, capability, and charisma leave an impression. This professional presence is the X-Factor in your career. It is the abstract, but very real, dynamic that makes you more impressive than simply present.

Your professional presence is important to your appeal in the workplace – it is central to how you impact others. While it is impossible to quantify, because everyone is different, there are things you can do to refine your presence.

  • This performance polish is available to you right now – it just takes awareness and a willingness to develop your sense of self and credibility. You can literally grow your appeal by paying attention to how you manage and conduct yourself with others in mind.

There are four primary areas that account for the distinctive aspects of this important dimension of your professional life and that make up your appeal and impact in the workplace.

Appearance: How you present yourself – We see and then we know. Most of us first consume the world around us by sight. People first form reactions to you when they see you. Yes, appearance matters, but this aspect of your professional presence isn’t about whether you are handsome or pretty, as beauty is in the proverbial eye of the beholder; however, how you appear to people is important. Are you dressed appropriately for the setting? Are you well-groomed? Does your appearance match the circumstance? Have you paid attention to what people will invariably see first – your appearance?

This isn’t about judgmental pettiness and whether you meet someone’s arbitrary standards, rather it’s about you upholding and even complimenting the commonly understood expectations of the setting. If business attire is the standard, then be in fresh, well-fitting business attire. This aspect of your presence should be easy to account for and satisfy.

Composure: How you conduct yourself – This is where your emotional intelligence gets to shine and take center stage over your other intelligence, which we will get to in a moment. This is your self-control, calm manner, and ease with which you address matters large and small. This famously “soft skill” is your savoir faire. 

How you handle yourself and how that impacts others are factors of your performance that you should frequently consider so that you can be sensitive to the answers – and outcomes. Don’t be the extremely talented, but inexplicably volatile, staff member who undermines their capacity by having an apparent lack of grace.

Communication: How well you send and receive – Your ability to communicate well will have a dramatic influence on your success potential. Speaking, listening, writing, making presentations, leading organizational discussions, and informal professional encounters all pose opportunities to showcase your ability to effectively send and receive information – and meaning.

Be clear and articulate in your transmission and thoughtful and attentive in your reception. Those who do this best do better. People want to know that you hear them – pay attention.

Command of Your Material: How you prepare – Yes, the smart part does enter into this discussion. You have to “know your stuff” to be credible – that’s an axiom. You may be able to fake it for a short time, but the pretenders get separated from the contenders very quickly.

Prepare, plan, and prepare – every time, all the time. Professional presence will be measured, in part, by how well you “deliver” – and you have to deliver to establish, maintain, and grow your gravitas. It should go without saying, but “do your homework”. Be ready and on your game or everything discussed above goes out the window.

Professional presence is that “secret sauce” that everyone can refine. It’s the synergistic amalgam of your professional appeal, conduct, expression, and knowledge. Work on it and be better. This is the X-Factor in your career.

Steve Wischmann


Horizon Performance Solutions, LLC

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